The roadmap is a list of improvements for the Missive system. It is split into “current” and “future”, where current improvements are more likely to be implemented (though still not guaranteed).

If you see an idea and agree with it, feel free to let me know in the support channel. Similarly, get in touch if you have your own suggestion.

Current roadmap

The current roadmap comprises of features that are planned for inclusion in a future release of the Missive system.

Remote deployments

  • Support CSRF tokens
  • Image-based CAPTCHA device
  • Labels for form elements
  • Double opt-in addition to a MailChimp subscriber list
  • Support for XOAuth2 mail server authentication (e.g. for GMail)

Local system

  • HTML multi-part emails (only text emails are supported currently)
  • Required/optional field validation
  • Type field validation
  • Support for multiple forms per Missive account (would be useful for web agencies or other folks who administrate a non-trivial number of forms)
  • Upgrade button (saves having to remove and re-deploy)
  • Report on whether SSL or TLS certificates in a remote SMTP server are self-signed, out-dated or valid
  • Allow advanced users to check SSH and FTPS server fingerprints from the wizard
  • Password strength meter for improved account security

Future roadmap

The future roadmap represents ideas and suggestions that are being considered for a future release. User feedback to support any of these specifically is welcome.

Remote deployments

  • JavaScript rendering of the form (reduces reliance on PHP when rendering may be better done in JavaScript anyway, e.g. in a Single Page Application)
  • Send SMS messages from a form
  • Send messages to a Slack chat
  • Configurable rate-limiting
  • Integrate Google reCAPTCHA
  • Support for multiple Missive forms on the same page (currently there’s some clashing HTML ids - this can be fixed by some trivial customisations, but it would be nice to have it working out-of-the-box)
  • SMTP retry (useful for the occasions when SMTP is configured and the email server is unavailable at the time of sending)
  • Permit a deployed config file to be downloaded by authorised parties for Missive technical support and remote debugging
  • The first host-checking script could try to make contact with an external dummy SMTP server maintained by Missive, and if it is unreachable via the usual SMTP ports, better recommendations can be made to the user

Local system

  • HTML editor (depends on what workflow email designers tend to use?)
  • Daily automated tests for business-critical forms
  • Pre-defined mail settings for popular hosts
  • Button to forget current session (if the user is not logged in, then the only way to start again is to delete the browser cookie, which is awkward)
  • If there’s demand, allow users access to the remote control script to control their form installation