• Deployed app features

    This article lists the main features of the PHP-based remote app, and may be useful for technical readers interested to know if it is suitable for their intended purposes.

  • Email app system requirements

    Here are the server requirements for the deployable mailer app, including minimum PHP version, required extensions and optional extensions.
  • List of free LAMP hosts

    If you don't have a LAMP account to hand, and want to give things a low-risk try, sign up for one of these (really) free hosts.
  • Customising a form

    Forms are rendered in sections, so that each section can be overridden by custom HTML as required. This documentation will show how to do that.

  • Technical operation

    This document offers some technical detail about what happens at selected stages of the completion of the Missive wizard.

  • List of SMTP providers

    If your host allows external SMTP connections, you might be able to use one of these mail hosts.
  • Product roadmap

    The roadmap is a list of potential improvements for the Missive system, and may be useful for readers wanting to know if and when a particular feature might be included.